How do I stop and fix the dllhost com surrogate cpu/Memory/network leak bug?

How do I stop the windows 7 dllhost com surrogate cpu usage/process self reactivation/process non cancelling/Memory usage vampire/network usage leak? That uses over 90% of my CPU, shuts down all the machines on my home network from using my home router because of network overload and throttles all other network and machine cpu/Memory activity to unusable levels?
So far the only steps that have reduced this windows bug is to cut off internet explorer/windows explorer/windows media player/all non essential windows processes and services/dllhost/com surrogate from the network using my firewall and gradually setup a second windows user account on my machine, but that only stops the network utilization not the CPU/Memory leak once I access the original user account. msconfig can’t find any problems and the only ware that can identifiy any problems is spyhunter by enigma and that is unrelated low threat cookies. Mcafee/symantec/microsoft essentials can’t find anything. I have uninstalled internet explorer 10 and the windows update that is supposedly responsible but I still get about 20 self executing windows com surrogate processes when I access the user account with the windows bug.

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